Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Don't Let Go

                This is the story of a game that we created, a predicament game.  Minou and I both like playing with the idea of ‘you will do this, or this will happen’, often revolving around spanking, flogging, tickling; it provides an interesting dynamic to things.  This game was created around that idea, in my mind it was designed to push some boundaries, something to play with.
                The first time we played was pretty mild compared to the next couple times.  I introduced it just before we started having sex,  told her that she had to hold into the headboard with both hands above her head and couldn’t let go or I would ‘punish’ her.  The game started as soon as I penetrated her, after that she couldn’t let go until we were done.  The sex was ridiculously awesome.  I gently thrust in and out of her and started whispering a fantasy in her ear.  We had both gone to a wedding the day before; I was a groomsmen in one of my best friend’s wedding.  I had thought about this all through the reception the day before.  In the fantasy I took her into a conference room during the wedding reception.  I pushed her skirt up around her waist and took her from behind against the conference table, pulling the top of her dress down to free her breasts, fucking in front of the second story window overlooking a grassy field.  In the fantasy I put here in a position where anyone looking up at the window from the field would see us, her breasts bouncing as I took her from behind.  I regaled her with this story of what ‘should’ have happened the day before, slowly sliding myself in and out of her, teasing her nipples, stroking my hands down her ribs, almost enough to tickle.  She held onto the bars, throughout my teasing, through two orgasms.  I finally couldn’t hold back any longer and came myself as she came the second time.  So she won round one. 
                The second time we ramped things up.  It was awesome, amazing, sweaty sex.  We detailed the rules a bit more this time around.  She had to hold onto the headboard with both hands, lying on her back, and not let go for any reason until we were done.  The game started when I slid inside her for the first time.  If she let go of the headboard then we would immediately stop and she would get tied to the bed for her ‘punishment’.  The punishment would be whatever I wanted to do to her.  I elaborated that it would almost certainly involve heavy tickling and intense post-orgasm stimulation with my tongue and the vibrator; the intense tickling had only happened on a couple special occasions and the post-orgasm until this point had been mostly off limits in any intense way.  We started and I ramped up my efforts to make her let go, tickling her underarms, whispering naughtiness in her ear, pulling her hair while I fucked her.  I started out slowly sliding in and out of her, increasing speed until I was slamming into her.  Then back off when I got close to cumming.  We switched up positions from classic missionary, to her legs straight up in the air, to her knees pressed against her own chest.  She was squirming underneath me, trying desperately not to let go of the headboard bars.  She sex just went on and on, changing up speed and position to keep myself from cumming.  This time I kept from cumming too, part of ramping up her frustration level, the ‘persuasion’ to get her to let go.  I was pretty amazed that she hadn’t already let go.  She was struggling, but held on nonetheless.  I guess the threat of that punishment was a good motivator.  We just kept going, our bodies completely covered in sweat, her knuckles turning white, her squirming nonstop against my body, our relentless rhythm, hair plastered against our foreheads.  Oh, it was good sex.  I’ve never before or since had sex quite like that.  Finally I couldn’t make myself wait any longer; we fell into an excellent rhythm for both of us and ended up cumming together in the end.  After which we collapsed onto each other and the bed and didn’t move.  We did look at the clock to realize that we’d been at it for a solid hour, actual sex for an hour.  Many of our excellent bondage sessions lasted more than an hour, but this was a first for actual sex.  There was no doubt in my mind that there now had to be another session of this game.  She was in complete agreement.
                We had to wait almost a month for a good chance to play this game again.  I was now absolutely determined that this time she would let go of the headboard.  I was anticipating the torment that I would get to inflict as ‘punishment’.  I went all out from the moment we started the game.  It still took awhile for her to let go, but she finally did.  The look on her face was delicious when she realized that she’d let go and I pulled out.  I was grinning and she had an apprehensive look on her face regarding what was to come.  She tried to convince me to just keep going, that I was stopping my own pleasure too by pulling out, but I was not going to be convinced.  I was looking forward to her ‘punishment’ too much. 
I tied her tightly spread-eagled to the bed, a rope to each corner of the bed, plus a rope around each thigh spreading her legs apart even farther, making sure that the knots would hold even under intense squirming.  The anticipation was delicious as I stretched her body out, tying the knots, watching her face as the ropes tightened and rendered her helpless.  Taunting her, telling her how intense it was going to be, that her ‘punishment’ would be more intense than anything before, that I would make her cum and then press the vibrator against her clit ignoring her pleas until she came again.  I didn’t make her wait, but started using my tongue on her clit immediately, tickling her sides and underarms while my tongue circled her clit.  This drove her crazy, the tickling keeping her from cumming.  The earlier build up of having sex as she attempted to keep a hold of the bars had already brought her close to cumming, and my tongue brought her right to the edge.  I would get her to the edge of cumming and then increase the ticklish sensations while backing off my tongue just a little to keep her from going over the edge.  Over and over I repeated this pattern, never stopping the tickling or my tongue dancing over her clit, just alternating which one took precedent over the other.  However, the tease wasn’t the point today, when I did let her cum I continued tickling her through it, keeping the pressure on with my tongue.  Immediately after she finished cumming I reached for the vibrators that I had ready on the bed for the next phase of her punishment. 
                I looked into her eyes as I picked up the vibrator and moved it towards her clit, she was already gasping and shifting in anticipation as I placed the vibrator on her clit and turned it on.  She jerked and started thrashing against the ropes, her eyes open wide.  She immediately started begging almost incoherently which I ignored and kept the vibrator firmly pressed against her clit.  I was enjoying this immensely.  It started out petty torturous for her, but it soon moved back to pleasure.  I added two fingers to the mix, massaging her g-spot while the vibrator continued its work and she quickly started moaning in pleasure again.  She came for a second time like this. 
                Still I didn’t let up, she thought that might be the end of it, but I wanted her to cum at least once more.  I kept the vibrator right where it was as she came and as her orgasm ended it was like a switch had been flipped and the writhing on the bed turned back into desperate thrashing.  She was trying desperately to get away from the toy relentlessly vibrating her clit; I followed her every movement, the ropes still holding her tightly in place.  Although it’s remarkable how much thrashing there can be, even tied up like that.  This time it took a bit longer for her to cum again, a longer period of torturous overstimulation.  If anything it was more intense the second time.  I was still loving it.  I  switched things up, using her rabbit vibrator in combination with the bullet vibe that we had been using already, switching out a vibe for my tongue, for my fingers, switching back and forth, never stopping the stimulation.  Her thrashing went straight into her third orgasm. 
                I kept the vibrator there through her orgasm and held it there afterward for a few minutes more, watching her squirm, seeing the wide-eyed look of ‘it’s too much’ on her face.  The mostly incoherent begging me to stop the vibrations hadn’t stopped all the way through, and now it was mixed in with her begging me to fuck her, I was more than ready to cum so I finally relented and turned the vibrator off. 
I untied her so that she could use her mouth on me, retying her hands before I entered her.  I combined my cock with the vibrator for awhile for an extra intense sensation.  She was still very sensitive and the sounds coming out of her mouth were evidence of that.  I came like that on top of her, her legs on my shoulders.              
                          I unclipped the cuffs and we cuddled on the bed.  She told me that she was too wet noodle to move.  We laid there holding each other for a long time afterwards. 
I initially wasn’t sure how this was all going to go over, it definitely pushed some boundaries, and some of it was very intense for her.  I was pretty careful to watch her reactions and not push her too far.  I never relented and quit altogether, but I did ease up a few times.  As always she had her safeword if necessary.  Her reaction when she was more capable of stringing sentences together was, “Man, three orgasm, and excellent fucking. . . and I lost.”  She said some parts of it were super intense, blurring the line between pleasure and pain, but in the end she was happy, spent, pleasured, wet noodle, and perfectly willing to do it again sometime.  However she wanted a crack at me next. . .  That’s a successful pushing of boundaries. 

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  1. Loving the whole overstimulation/forced orgasms! It was something I was quite scared of but know that is where the most amazing orgasms are found. Enjoy!