Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Pink Elephant

Back to MH, this is the tale of her very first time being tied up.  We had been talking about bondage since the very first time that we got in bed together.  Till now we had pushed enough of her boundaries without adding bondage to the mix, but she finally convinced herself that she wanted to try it.  I was pretty sure she would eventually.  We planned it for a night where we knew we would have plenty of time to work up to it and take the time necessary to make it a good experience, a night where I could spend the night afterward.  

I met her at her apartment and we went straight to kissing on her couch.  She had dressed up for our evening a nice red and black dress, black tights, she knew how much I love black tights, her hair done up.  She was lovely, I hadn’t often seen her with her hair done and dressed up.  We kissed on the couch for quite some time, finally half falling onto the floor.  Her dress came off before we even left the house.  Passionately kissing on the floor, her in lingerie, me still fully clothed.  I nibbled on her ear and told her,

“You are in for a long delicious tease tonight; your torment is going to start now before we go to dinner.  You are delicious, and I am going to enjoy every bit of you tonight.  You’re going to be tied up and I’m going to take my time, teasing you, tormenting you, until you are so turned on you can’t think about anything else. “

  My fingers tangled in her hair, arching her neck so my tongue could caress her neck, my fingers teasing her through her panties.  I whispered in her ear,

“I’m going to tease you relentlessly tonight, my fingers and my tongue are going to caress every inch of your body.  I’m doing to drive you crazy.”

I pulled her head back and looked into her eyes,

“I think you should give me a pre-dinner blowjob.  How do you feel about that?” 

She smiled wickedly and agreed without a second thought.  I’m sitting back on the couch; she’s kneeling between my legs in her lingerie.  I knew even then that she was getting a real kick out of pushing her naughty boundaries, and we did a lot of that after dinner.  She knelt down on a pillow, taking her time.  I licked my lips, enjoying the sight of her.  Her fingers caressed my balls gently while she looked at me, her mouth open just a little.  Slowly bringing her mouth to join her hands, holding my gaze as her tongue touched my balls.  I shuddered, leaning my head back against the couch as she continued.  One long lick up my shaft and then she took all of my cock into her mouth, fingers still working on my balls.  Ecstasy, my breath coming in gasps.   She gave delicious oral and I still get a tingle thinking about the image of her kneeling between my legs in her lingerie, cock buried deep in her mouth, fingers teasing my balls, looking up at me with those wicked eyes.  

I kissed her afterward, teasing her through her panties

“I think your torment should start now.”  I pulled back and grinned at her.  

“I want you wet and bothered all through dinner.  By the time we get back here and you’re tied up, I want you already so turned on you can barely stand it.”

 She pouted at not getting more right then, but she was excited, new territory for her; the dress went back on.  We went to dinner at the same place that I took her for our first date, the same night that all of this started.  It seemed appropriate.  Hands teasing each other, stroking up her silken tights. . . 

Back at her apartment I could tell that she was nervous.  

“There’s a pink elephant in the room and its name is Bondage,” she spoke quickly, her voice a little shaky.

  We moved to the bed, kissing, caressing, taking our time and she started to relax.  I kissed her, pinning her down on the bed, my hands gripping each wrist, knees forcing her legs apart.  A light teasing kiss, pulling away, letting her feeling my weight holding her down when she tried to follow.  A harder kiss.  Holding her down, feeling her moaning into my mouth.    The dress came off again and once again she was bent over her bed in black tights (this was a memorable position from our first night together).  I put her there knowing what it did to her to be so exposed to me, knowing that I would be unable to resist spanking her.  I knew she was blushing, knew that she loved being ‘forced’ into naughtiness, knew that bending her over wearing only her tights and bra was only making her wetter.  She knew I loved that view, my hand caressing they ass I had told her countless times how much I liked.  I gave her a few swats, making sure to heighten her anticipation of each one, the naughtiness of being bent over her bed and spanked doing far more for her than the slight sting of the swats, then sliding the tights down her thighs and unhooking her bra.  I put the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, making sure to adjust them so that she was comfortable. 

  I began with her wrists, taking my time, clipping the ropes to the cuffs and tying her wrists to the headboard.  I went slow, letting her see and feel each movement as she became more and more helpless, and I savored each moment.  The look on her face was a heady mix of nervousness and excitement that I was drinking in, savoring each expression as it crossed her face, knowing that I was taking her someplace that she had never been.  I kissed her, running my fingers down one arm, starting from the cuff and sliding down the sensitive skin ending at her nipple.  I smiled at her and moved my lips to her wrist, I kissed her skin just above the cuff and planted kisses following the path of my fingers before, ending with her lips, letting our tongues tangle before I moved on to tying her ankles.  

                When I finished tying her up I looked at her for a few moments, enjoying the sight of her, letting her process the sensation of being tied up and helpless for the first time.  She told me afterwards that she enjoyed the sensation of me leaning over her tying her wrists to the headboard, watching me render her helpless.  

I moved on top of her again, pressing my body against her and whispered in her ear, asking her how show felt, telling her that she was tied up naked in her own bed by a very ornery boy.  

“I’m going to tickle you a little bit, not just because I’ll enjoy it so much, but because I can and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.  I want you to know exactly how helpless you are.  How vulnerable you are to anything that I desire to do to you.  I want you to know that I’ll take full advantage of your lovely body now that I have tied to your bed.”

  I started with the sensitive skin on the inside of her arms, my fingers moving slowly towards her armpits; she was breathing hard already squirming knowing what was about to happen.  She started thrashing and jerking against the ropes the instant my fingers touched her armpits, laughing, trying not to laugh, my fingers moving down her ribs to her stomach.

“Please, . ..  .Please stop.  I can’t take it.  Pleeease. “

“I’m not going to stop until I’m done, until I’ve had enough.”

  I enjoyed all of it of course, the frantic look on her face, her trying to make me stop and being unable to do anything about it.  I didn’t tickle her long, I wanted to make sure everything stayed on the good side of intense, it was fun though.  She told me it had accomplished my goal of demonstrating her helplessness, that she could only squirm.  She was flushed and breathing hard when I quit.  

My hand ever so gently teasing between her legs found her already wet.  I told her that had only just begun and that I had an entire bag of toys to choose from.  I held up a feather and told her that this would be the instrument of choice and that she wouldn’t get my tongue for a very long time.  

“I’m going to enjoy every moment of using this on you.”

She watched the feather as it came down, stroking down both arms, across her chest, swirling both nipples, down her stomach, tracing the hollows of her hips, teasing ever so gently her hair, then her wet lips.  Up and down her wet lips, watching her eyes all the time while I did it.

Then the blindfold came out, I could see her take a deep breath as soon as she saw it.  We had played some with the blindfold before, just not while she was tied up.   She already knew how much it intensified sensation.  I tied the blindfold around her head and picked up with feather again.  With the blindfold in place the teasing began in earnest, a few minutes with the feather, still alternating long strokes along her body with more intense strokes up and down her pussy, then a few light strokes with the flogger.  Each time the flogger landed it startled her, then immediately back to the feather.  Over and over again, the feather making her hotter and hotter, the flogger keeping her in anticipation, with each switch the intensity increased.  Her arousal obvious and ramping up, perfect.  

                We had come back from dinner and had cups of tea before switching to a peach wine; the glasses were still sitting in her room.  I stood over her, still blindfolded and unaware of what I was about to do, and started dripping the wine onto her body, a single drop at a time off the tip of my finger, letting the drop sit for just a moment before licking it off, maybe lightly blowing on it first.  With the first drop I took a long lick across her breast, with the second I sealed my lips around her nipple sucking the droplet off.

“Please, can I suck the wine off of your finger?”  Her voice was breathy and aroused.

“Naughty.  I love it.”

 I happily obliged.  The next drop went onto the skin of her stomach, I let it sit while she sucked the wine off my finger, letting her tongue linger like she was enjoying my cock.  It went on like that, drops of wine over all parts of her body, followed be her licking the wine off my finger, followed by my tongue.  The wine dripped all over her breasts, thighs, stomach, a drop to her lips to then be kissed off in a kissed drenched in peach flavor.  All the time I avoid using my tongue between her legs, I had something in mind for her to do before I went there.  

I went back to using the feather and flogger, letting the drops of wine into the rotation so that she never knew which of the three was coming next.  I moved down the bed and sat between her legs and shifted my focus with feather, stroking her relentlessly up and down.  Periodically teasing the feather over the rest of her body, but always bringing it back to her pussy again.  I taunted her that the feather was all the stimulation she would get for a long time, at least another hour, that we had all night.  Telling her that she would only get my tongue when I was sure that she was ready.  I introduced her to the multi-tailed leather stinger when she started to sass.  The first time it surprised her, the tails stinging her thighs, alternating between the two.  I enjoyed being able to flog her when she sassed.  Talking about it afterwards she admitted that she liked it too, the domination aspect of being ‘punished’ for sassing.  

She held out for a very long time.  I w as determined to make her beg for my tongue, I didn’t say that at first.  I kept dropping hints as time went on about what it would take to get my tongue, taunting her, making her know that I could be relentless with the feather.  I figured that it wouldn’t be easy to get her to beg.  She can be very stubborn and I knew it would really push her to be ‘forced’ to beg for something sexual.  Still it took a long time, from the start of being tied up until after sex it was about 2 ½ hours, most of that teasing.  She wanted to be ‘forced’ to beg, not just to give in her pride and stubbornness wouldn’t allow that, but really to see how much it would take to make her beg.  I think she was struggling with herself, which was fun to watch.  By the end though, I was starting to wonder if she was going to cave or not.  At one point I stopped with the feather and let her stew for awhile and she said, “Please. . . . “ 

“Please, what?” I responded.  She was shy about asking for what she wanted, but I was determined.  I told her that some specific dirty things would have to come out of her mouth if she even wanted the feather back.  

“Mud and puddles” was what she came back with.  I grinned (although she couldn’t see it, still being blindfolded, and laid into her thighs with the little stinger.  That one earned her a nice stiff flogging.  I told her that she had to use the word ‘pussy’ if she wanted the feather back.  She resisted at first.  She finally did it though,

“Please use the feather on my pussy, please, stroke it all over my clit.”  She was blushing when she said it.   

I found a spot with the feather that drove really drove her crazy.  A back and forth stroke over the top of her clitoral hood.  It had her writhing and bucking her hips, I was relentless following her every motion.  Finally I put my legs across her thighs to hold her down even more; she groaned in frustration, twisting deliciously as the feather followed her.  I didn’t let up, varying the strokes between hard and barely there, never letting her get used to it, relentlessly stroking.  Still she resisted and I fell silent, just letting the feather work on her, the writhing and moaning proving that it was working.  She was wetter than I had ever made her before.  When I paused for a moment, she asked me, 

“Please will you kiss me?”  

The need in her voice made me realize that she was probably closer to what I wanted than I had realized.  I moved up the bed slowly, letting her feel my body sliding up hers.  I paused a moment above her lips, my weight holding her down, my leg between her legs teasing her pussy.  I kissed her gently, lightly brushing her lips and pulled back; feeling the effect that it had on her, teasing her.  Leaning down and kissing her harder.  

I pulled back again and whispered in her ear that all it would take for me to use my tongue on her was a few simple words from her.  

“What do you want?  Tell me.  A few naughty, dirty words and you can have my tongue all over you.”

That finally did it, and it was like the floodgates opened.  She started asking, begging, me to use my tongue on her.  

“Please, please use your tongue on me.”  

I made her be very specific, and to keep begging.  I expected to have to encourage her even after she finally gave in, but I didn’t.

Please put your tongue all over my pussy.  Please, I need it.  I can’t take it anymore.  Please no more teasing.”

  She took it and ran with it, it was just initially giving in that she struggled with.  I made her beg for awhile.  Once she started it was very good, very naughty.  Like a dam broke.

“Please lick my clit, use your tongue on me.  Please pleasure me, I’m desperate. Please.  Please.  You’re the best oral I’ve ever had, please.”  

That was the erotic high point of the night for me, listening to all that begging.  Awesome.  She’d never been tied up, never begged for anything naughty, and she loved it.  She told me afterward that it was my weight against her as we kissed that finally pushed her over the edge.  She also told me that she’d never been more turned on than the time being tied to the bed.  

I loved it; she was still blindfolded, begging with wanton abandon.  She had finally let herself go.  She didn’t care about anything else.  She was begging for the only thing on her mind, without regard or hesitation for the words coming out of her mouth.  She was being naughtier and more vulgar than she ever had before.  

I moved down the bed and still making her beg even then moved my tongue closer and closer.  With the first stroke she moaned and her whole body flinched.  She arched off the bed,

“Yesssss.  Oh god.  Fuck.”

 I gave her long extended oral, adding my fingers, and her new vibrator into the mix.  I kept it up until I couldn’t any longer.  

I suppose I should add a sidenote here.  At this point MH had never been able to orgasm, not by herself or with a partner.  I had tried my best until now, and I was hoping the bondage would push through and be what finally did it, but we didn’t succeed in that respect on this night.  Good night though it was.  Eventually I did make her cum, and it was aided by bondage, but that is another story altogether.  

When I couldn’t resist any longer, I moved up the bed, straddling her shoulders,

“I want you to lick my balls.”

I lowered myself and she dove into pleasuring my balls.  Still feverish with desire she was all over me, as much as she could still tied up and blindfolded.  She pleasured my very hard cock, swirling her tongue around the head, and then going back to my balls.  Her hands still tied to the headboard.  I untied her ankles and pulled off the blindfold.  I reveled in the look in her eyes.  I put her legs on my shoulders and locked eyes with her.  The head of my cock teasing her wet entrance, sliding up and down, entering her just an inch and sliding back out.  

“Please, put your cock inside me.”

Holding the eye contact I slid myself inside of her going as slowly as I could go.  She gasped and her eyes rolled back.  I held myself deep inside of her rolling my hips; I leaned in and kissed her, inhaling her moans as my hips shifted.  I pulled out and slid myself back in one motion,

“oohhhh.”  I started thrusting then, my hands on either side of her, her legs still over my shoulders.   Taking her in bondage was intoxicating, her writhing and moaning under me.  I took her hard, after all that teasing I could barely restrain myself.  She’s lost in the sensations; we are completely in the moment together, losing ourselves in the pleasure.  

“Will you take me from behind?”

“Absolutely.”  I’m out of breath.  I pause just long enough to unclip her wrists from the ropes and reclip them together behind her back.  No slow start this time, I slid myself back into her with one stroke.  My hands gripping alternately gripping the clip between her wrists, holding her hand, or leaned over her with my fingers wrapped in her hair.  I slammed into her, over and over again.  Nothing intelligible was coming from her lips, only sounds of pleasure, gasping.  Over and over until I couldn’t hold back any longer. 

We collapsed together on the bed.  Holding each other, enjoying the after sensations of the experience.  That was the end of our evening, both exhausted.  Continued in the morning, but I’ll leave that one for another time.

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