Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Farewell Torment

From the Hitachi Harness straight to the bedroom.  I put her on her hands and knees on the bed; the spreader bar clipped to the ankle cuffs kept her legs spread obscenely apart.  She sank to her elbows and buried her face in the bed.  I reddened her ass even more than it already was.  She was high from the four orgasms that she’d already had in the living room.  My hands roamed everywhere.  I stroked her reddened ass, dragged my nails across her back leaving red streaks.  I slid my fingers down her thighs, around to her stomach, pressing my chest to her ass.  I stroked and fondled her breasts and already sore nipples.  I felt her body responding to every touch, her breath came in gasps.  Each touch elicited a reaction, every nerve seemed sensitized.   I reveled in the sensations that I was giving her, the pleasure of the moment.  

                My hands went back to her ass, fingers circling, getting closer and closer to the sensitive brown skin.  Her cheeks spread apart by the bar forcing her into that position.  She twitched as my fingers found that sensitive spot, stroking, teasing, circling, pressing.  I teased her without penetrating; it left her quivering.  Then, she felt my tongue sliding over her skin.  Her whole body tensed when she felt my tongue probing her hole through the plastic wrap.  I knew she couldn’t even feel the plastic.  I let my tongue play all over her ass.  I varied the strokes, making my tongue hard and probing, eager circles and strokes so light they could barely be felt.  I lubed up my black, ridged plug and gently pressed it to her asshole.  She reacted eagerly, pushing her ass back onto the plug, impaling herself.  I fucked her with the plug, letting the slippery ridges do their work.  Sometimes letting the ridges slip in and out with agonizing slowness, other times slamming it to the end with one stroke.  She moaned and quivered on the sheets. 

                The Hitachi on the plug made her jump, whimpering into the pillow.  I let her absorb those sensations for a few moments and then pulled the plug out.  That was just preparation for what was next.  I told her what was coming, taunted her that I was going to fill her up like she’d never been filled before.  I told her how helpless she was, that I could do anything I wanted to her.  I told her how beautiful she was, how exposed.  I told her how far that spreader bar forced her legs apart, how she looked.  I told her that I wouldn’t stop until I was finished.

  I spent a moment lubing up her giant dildo.  It’s over two inches in diameter, and long; it’s one with a built in vibrator and suction cup on the end.  That was a sight to behold when she worked it suctioned on to something.  Today there were other plans though.  I slowly pressed the head of the giant cock to her asshole; she pressed backwards to accept it, but I teased her.  I let pulled it back and let it tease her entrance no matter what she did.  She groaned in frustration and wiggled her ass.  I let if penetrate just an inch and held it there; then, pulled it out again.  I pressed it to her hole again, and this time let it slowly work its way all the way to the suction cup.  She was in heaven.  The dildo stuck out from her ass, spreading her wide open.  I turned the vibe on and slowly ramped up the vibration.

There was more.  My wooden dildo was next, also long and thick; turned on a lathe, tapered with gentle ridges along its length.  I do enjoy using my own toys.  I teased the entrance to her soaking pussy only for a moment and slid the dildo in as far as it would go.  She made a sound that I have never heard from her, before or since.  I let her take it all in for a few moments, watching her deal with the sensations of being double penetrated.  The silicon dildo buzzed deep in her ass, the wooden one filled her pussy.  She was lost in heaven, rolling from one sensation to the next.  I just watched, enjoyed the sight of the two toys sticking up.  She couldn’t stay still; she rocked back and forth, her breath coming in gasps.  

                I came back and took a toy in each hand, first, twisting them inside of her, then, fucking her with both of them at once.  I slid both toys in and out, sometimes together, sometimes alternating the two.  I let one go to give her a swat.  She came like that; the two toys took her away swiftly, all the way to orgasm, shaking, moaning, and pressing her face into the sheets.  I let her quiver for just a moment and then pressed the Hitachi to her clit, keeping my hand on the wooden dildo.  The dildo in her ass was still buzzing, the wooden dildo’s ridges slid across her slick lips, and the Hitachi buzzed against her clit.  I can’t imagine how intense that was.  It moved from super intense stimulation into rapidly becoming another orgasm.  After that, I pulled the Hitachi away and let her cool down.  I slid the dildos out of her slowly, one at a time; I let her feel each ridge sliding out of her before she was left empty again.  

We still weren’t done.  I rolled her over and tied her spread-eagle to the bed.  I was evil.  I knew it was likely our last night together.  I wanted her squirming, cumming, out of control; I wanted to remember everything.  I wanted to give her something she wouldn’t forget.  I tickled her relentlessly, kept her writhing uncontrollably.  She laughed frantically, jerking against the ropes, but I didn’t stop.  I held her there, out of control, helpless against my fingers, out of breath.  

When I did stop, I bent over and kissed her deeply.  I slid my hands over her body, trying to lock it into my memory.  I bit her earlobe and whispered that I was going to do something extra evil to her, that I had something in mind that was even more torturous.  Her nipples hard been hard for hours now, I rolled them through my fingers and clipped the clover clamps to them.  I watched her when I pulled out the cord and tied it to the chain near one nipple.  I reveled in the worried look in her eye, as I unrolled the cord towards her toes.  She was squirming, pleading.  We had done this before, I knew she loved it, and she hated it, but never with the clover clamps.  (Tits to Toes)  I pulled the cord taut and tied it to her big toe, and then moved to the other side for the same thing.  When they were both tied off she was still, trying not to move anything, but she knew that she wasn’t going to be able to stay still.  I teased her gently with my fingers.  I tickled her lightly and then harder.  I slid my fingers over the skin of her arms and armpits.  I tickled her relentlessly again.  I used one of the wooden slappers on her thighs and breasts.  Still the clamps didn’t come off.  No matter what I did or how she writhed they just tightened and bit cruelly into her nipples.  I looked at her and smiled.  I loved watching her squirm and she knew it.  She told me afterwards that at one point she actually tried to rip them off, but they wouldn’t, they just tightened even more.  Finally, I took them off myself, one after the other, replacing them with my mouth, sucking hard on her tortured flesh.  She whimpered as the blood rushed back, and they were tormented even more by my mouth.

I straddled her chest and she licked my balls.  My cock hardened even more under her tongue and I replaced my balls with my cock.  She licked and sucked, and I adjusted myself to fuck her mouth.  We rode the edge of what was too much for her.  I enjoyed the power trip of watching her work to pleasure me, her arms stretched out to the sides.  I forced my cock down her throat, riding her gag reflex.  I know how much she gets off on that, forcing my cock down her throat.  I wasn’t gentle.  

I was mean to her nipples that night.  I brought out the tweezer clamps and tied her nipples to her toes again.  Her nipples had already been tormented a lot, they were sore and red.  She knew eventually these would get ripped off, and that she would be forced to do it.  She didn’t want to do it though, couldn’t do it herself.  I started off teasing her very gently.  I wanted to draw this one out, make it torturous for her.  I tickled her gently, light feathery touches.  I kissed her long and hard.  I backed off and told her to look at me, then kissed her again; this time tickling her lightly while we kissed.  I felt her intense kiss, fighting with her laughter.  I pressed the Hitachi to her clit and let that torment her.  She couldn’t help her movement, but it wasn’t enough to pull the clips off.  I just let the Hitachi do its work alone.  When she came, she came hard, shaking and loud, and pulled off one of the clamps mid-orgasm.  I turned off the Hitachi and started tickling her hard.  I tickled her incessantly until she pulled off the other clamp.  

I think that was her six orgasm that night.  She was sweaty, chest heaving, hair tangled, beautiful.  I was hard and getting desperate to cum myself, but I wanted to take her even farther.  

I pressed the Hitachi to her clit and buried my fingers inside of her.  By that point she was floating, begging me to stop, and begging me not to stop, torn.  It was delicious.  She was pure sensation.  I watched an orgasm overtake her, shaking with pleasure, then the stimulation was too much and she tried to get away from it.  She begged me to take it off her clit and I refused.  I enjoyed the sight of her squirming and tormented too much.  Then, the vibrations turned back to pleasure and she begged me not to stop.    She came again and again, the powerful vibrations and my fingers forcing orgasms out of her over and over.  She was helpless to stop it.  She came eleven times that night (I think).  

I finally stopped, needing desperately to orgasm myself and unwilling to wait any longer.  The whole night had been like a prolonged tease, keeping me hard.  I straddled her again, making myself rock hard.  I teased her, wondering aloud how I should cum.  Should I untie her so she could suck my cock?  Should I cum down her throat while she was tied?  Should I make myself cum and spray my cum all over her tits?  I threw in that last mostly to taunt her and see her reaction, it was so ‘nasty,’ as she would say.  I had never done that, but thought it would be fun.  

                The look in her eyes said that it was an instant and deadly turn on.  I was surprised, but I knew immediately that was what I was going to do.  She wanted me to spray her tied body, her tits, with cum.  I teased her about how nasty it was and she blushed.  I kept going, getting her even more worked up.  She really really wanted it.  I made her beg for it.  Once she started begging she begged wantonly.

                “Please cum all over my tits.”

                “Please spray my breasts with your cum.  I want it Lance.”

She pleaded, squirming from the idea, lust in her eyes.  I did just that, teasing and stroking myself to the edge.  I rode the edge until I knew it would be a good orgasm.  Jets of cum sprayed across her breasts and stomach onto her neck.  I watched her eyes while I did it, saw my cum cover her body.  The look in her eyes stayed pure lust.  It was an excellent orgasm for me and we enjoyed the ‘nastiness.’  

                I untied her and we cleaned up together.  We lay together for a while, coming down from the experience.

                Then we went dancing. 

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